User Experience Conference 2012: Link Blast

This post lists tools and websites I learned about today at the UPA Boston 11th Annual User Experience Conference.

Tools for Mobile Prototyping and Usability Testing

Although I’m familiar with wearable computers, especially for the military, and have developed for PDAs back in the day, I am fairly new to the current popular commercial mobile platforms like Android and iOS. So here is a blast of links taken primarily from Vijay Hanumolu’s UPA presentation “Whirlwind Tour of Mobile Usability Testing Apps & Services.”

Responsive Design

Vijay (who works at Mobiquity) mentioned Responsive Design several times, which means crafting a website/app as a single source of content that can automatically display in many types of devices/screens. The term assumes HTML with CSS3, although I suppose there could be other technologies used/tested for the same goals. Here’s a website that lets you test responsive design.

Detailed Design

  • Adobe Shadow (Chrome plugin)
    Inspect and preview web workflows on iOS and Android devices.
  • Blueprint for iPad
    iOS UI Design app.
  • AppCooker
    iOS mockups/prototypes app that uses the actual Apple UI. It can’t port to XCode yet (i.e. converting the mockup into the beginning of the working program) but they are supposedly working on a Mac application to do that.
  • Nokia Flowella
    Prototypes/mockups (apparently just for Symbian)

And if it’s useful to see a static bitmap on [virtual] devices, there are these tools:

User Testing

  • TestFlight
    iOS beta testing on the fly
  • Apphance
    A bunch of buzzwords all combined together. Some kind of test tool for Android and iOS.

And these ones have hardware for collecting data off of the user:

  • Tobii
    Professional eye tracking.
  • Looxcie Cam
    Wearable camera. Not intended for usability testing, but could be used that way as a cheaper alternative.
  • Mr. Tappy
    Mobile obvservation device.

Vijay also mentioned these general purpose crowd sourcing “micro labor” services that could potentially be used by UX / usability practitioners:

UX Metrics

Meng Yang (IBM) gave a talk about UX metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Other Links

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