2017: Postmortem

I skipped a couple years, but here’s a new personal postmortem. If you are wondering, a “postmortem” in project management is a retrospective to figure out lessons learned. Postmortem articles were featured in the classic magazine Game Developer, where I learned of the concept.

red carpet at Newark International Film Festival

What Went Right

  • Finished my feature film directorial debut “Brute Sanity.”
    • I traveled around with the movie on the film festival “circuit.” It won a couple awards. (You can get more info here.)
    • Massive amounts of learning technical post-production skills (continuing from 2016.)
    • It was picked up for distribution. This led to even more work and learning…
  • Did another Boston 48-hour Film Project. This time, instead of just acting, I also assisted with the screenplay and casting.
  • Left tech job (writing robotics software). It was forced—but they gave us a severance, and it freed up my time to work on film stuff.
  • Started working on my film company Imaginary Danger Productions LLC.
  • Skied in the Rocky Mountains (Brighton Resort, specifically) for the first time. Easily found—backcountry of course—what was probably the most difficult skiing I’ve ever experienced.
  • Visited Atlanta for the first time, Salt Lake City for the first time, Newark NJ (which I’ve been to before but this time I was more immersed). Also went to Kansas City, the Cleveland area (first time in Ohio), the Detroit area, Washington DC, and New York City.
  • Got divorced from Emili.

Brighton Resort, Utah

What Went Wrong

  • My tech job employer, the Cambridge division of Bio-Rad, which was a continuation of a start-up company called GnuBIO, was shut down completely by the parent company.
  • Started doing job interviews. The reason I put this under “What Went Wrong” is that I shouldn’t have rushed into it so soon. I was caught up in the excitement, with recruiters bombarding me, and now I regret wasting time on this. Instead what I decided I needed to do is take a break for couple months from normal tech employment and work on my own projects.
  • Stretched my leg a bit too much during the aforementioned Brighton ski trip and had to do some physical therapy.
  • Got divorced—so you might say that the marriage “went wrong” but that depends on how you spin it. The relationship itself was a fantastic journey and a mere marriage-and-divorce does not sully that.

Sam and the Philip K. Dick robot at Escape Velocity in Washington DC

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