About Samuel H. Kenyon

Inhabiting Cambridge, MA, I am presently employed developing software for a biotech company. My professional experience involves many years of experimenting with Agile UX methodologies, taking part in many roles ranging from software team leadership to interaction design to programming. I’ve been designing and writing code since I was thirteen.

Independently, I research artificial intelligence / computational intelligence. My research goals include learning and developmental systems via cognitive architectures and robotics.

I’ve hacked on many mobile robots over the years, including my hobby-style creations, robots for competition teams (MIT ORCA and FIRST), and user-centered quality-controlled products (iRobot SUGV series).

I am also a film actor (under the name Sam Vanivray), producer, director, and an occasional visual artist.

I am an atheist. And—although I identify as a transhumanist—I do not encourage religious-like techno-rapture bandwagons. Politically, I consider myself technoprogressive.


Papers and Publications

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Film Stuff

Imaginary Danger Productions

Brute Sanity (filming in 2016) (IMDB)

Enough to be Dangerous (IMDB)

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Email: sam@synapticnulship.com

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