About Samuel H. Kenyon

Inhabiting Cambridge, MA, I am presently employed developing robotics software for a biotech company. I’ve been designing and writing code since I was thirteen.

Independently, I research artificial intelligence / computational intelligence. My research goals include learning and developmental systems via cognitive architectures and robotics.

I’ve hacked on many mobile robots over the years, including my hobby-style creations, robots for competition teams (MIT ORCA and FIRST), and user-centered quality-controlled products (iRobot SUGV series).

I am also a film actor (under the name Sam Vanivray), producer, director, and an occasional visual artist.

Politically, I consider myself technoprogressive.


Papers and Publications

Source code on GitHub

Film Stuff

Imaginary Danger Productions

Brute Sanity (filming in 2016) (IMDB)

Enough to be Dangerous (IMDB)

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Email: sam@synapticnulship.com

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